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this is Jim Jim needs an attorney while searching for legal help he finds the typical up-front retainer fees range from 3,000 to five thousand dollars with our the rights of three hundred dollars per hour or more Jim can afford these fees and considers trying to handle this case on his own however the legal system can be complicated the forms are written in legalese and there are many deadlines to meet and keep track of so he’s afraid he might end up with disappointing results what if there was a more affordable way for people like you and Jim to hire an attorney a way where you only had to pay for the legal services you need the attorney to do and none of the ones you don’t introducing unbundled legal help instead of paying thousands of dollars to have an attorney handle your case from start to finish your attorney can unbundle their service to only specific agreed-upon tasks you get to decide what parts of the case you will handle and which parts your attorney will handle the less your attorney does the less you will pay typically unbundled options range from five hundred dollars to $1,500 depending on your case and what you hire your attorney to do not every case is a fit for unbundled legal services you may need an attorney to handle your entire case to get the results you want and this could cost more the good news is even if you need full representation since we work with smaller firms and individual lawyers who have lower overhead are unbundled attorneys are often more affordable than the large law firms before you spend five thousand dollars just to get started with an attorney or try to handle your case on your own complete the request form to be connected with one of our unbundled legal professionals in your area the consultation is free and there’s no obligation fewer hours lower-cost real held unbundled legal help complete your request now

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